The company “Frubex Bis” was founded in 1988 as a family business. From the start a company worked on fruit and vegetable processing, producing excellent mayonnaise, mustard and vinegars, moreover delicious salads, pickles, cabbage pasteurized, beetroot, horseradish and tomato paste.

For Frubex the most important is quality. Consumers who buy our products must be absolutely delighted! Therefore, the full potential of industrial, logistics and marketing is targeted for fast, pleasant and professional service to our customers. Since 2010 the company has dynamically developed in production of private labels retail chains abroad.



From year to year on the national and international market demand for our products is increasing. It is the driving force for the further development of the company. The continuous expansion of the company, modernization of technological processes and modernization of the machine is a guarantee to maintain the high quality of our products.

Ordered products always deliver our own transport!